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Convenient, Portable Pain Relief:

Most suffer from one form of pain or another and for many on a regular basis, finding effective ways to manage pain is an ongoing and often an adapting challenge that involves a huge amount of personal expense and time,  which may require years to achieve significant pain reduction.

To help maximise results In Pain Relief, Interferential Therapy can allow your body to naturally adjust itself and return to a state that enables it to repair damage and relieve pain, it has been demonstrated in clinic that the severity of pain can be reduced within a session, Interferential Therapy is a Proven way to achieve results and help your body recover more efficiently and effectively, helping the body to repair itself and may also reduce future occurences of pain.

Interferential Therapy can be used in comfort or on the go with the convenient belt clip on the portable INF4160+, also with the Replaceable 4x AA batteries, easy to use electrode pads, and the two carefully designed currents that make the INF4160+ so special, that combine then superimpose to form a new low frequency current, that harmlessly passes deep within the tissue to help you heal faster, so you can get pain relief anywhere and anytime when you need it most.

Electronic Pain Solutions not only sell's the INF4160+ we also sell replacement parts such as, connector wires, power packs, and Electrode pads.

for wholesale/bulk purchases please CONTACT US as the online store is retail prices only.

Please Note: We only use Express post bags for all our Deliveries.

Get started using Interferential Therapy, see our store to view the affordable pricing of our INF4160+ Device and Replacement Parts.